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Slow down. Warm up.
Take life at your own pace.

It begins in the morning, with your first steps to the window revealing the breath-taking blue that constitutes your view. Your next steps lead to yet more pleasure, as you follow the scenic route to your favourite café on Main Street.

Whether you succumb to market-hopping, golf, hot springs, wineries or snorkelling, there’s no limit to the joys a day in Mornington can hold, with Parkvue offering a unique chance to re-discover a life that’s lived purely for pleasure.

Where the purpose is pleasure

Cheese is best enjoyed with great company. Wine, with an alfresco setting and pastel sunsets. As for your morning coffee, this is best taken from a barista with whom you’re on a first name basis. Morning to evening, day in and day out, The Winey Cow does it best.

In Summer, there’s the sun-filled beer garden. In Winter, there’s the consummate pleasure of a roaring open fire. All year round, there’s a fine selection of beer, wine and food to enjoy, making The Royal Hotel one of the best places to experience local Mornington hospitality.

There’s happiness on the horizon

Slow down. Warm up. Take life at your own pace. With Mornington Park as your backyard, the view is always good and happiness is always close on the horizon.

From yachting to lawn bowls to golf, the variety of clubs and societies in Mornington represents an infinite pool of new hobbies just waiting to be discovered.

World-class relaxation

Portsea Polo is a unique opportunity to witness world-class polo in a setting that exudes characteristic local charm.

No matter which of the 20+ globally-inspired baths you sink into first at Peninsula Hot Springs, the final destination is always total relaxation.

Your every need satisfied

With its ever-changing selection of to-the-minute clothing, Aurelia ensures the wardrobe needs of locals are satisfied with the kind of ease that defines all aspects of life in Mornington.

If you like food, you’ve found a kindred soul in Houghtons Fine Foods. Taking great care to stock only the best of it to the great joy of locals, satisfaction is inevitable once you walk through these doors.